LEDtronics Introduces its Brightest Lights Ever: LED High Mast Flood Lights

LEDTronics | IBS Electronics, INCTORRANCE, Calif., March 7, 2016 — LEDtronics® is excited to introduce the brightest light in our three decade company history: the brand new LED High Mast Flood Lights! They’re on the DLC list of approved products, making them eligible for rebates!

The lumen output of our HPF series ranges from 33,000 all the way up to 99,000 lm! These DLC-Listed LED High Mast Flood Lights output a greater amount of light than any product of our over 12,000 part numbers!

These slim, modern design LED High Mast Flood Lights come in a range of wattages that only consume 300 to 900 watts, but replace HID lights of 1000 all the way up to 2000 watts!

The Extremely High Light Output makes this product ideal for such applications as Stadiums, Arenas, Tennis Courts, Golf Courses, Playgrounds, Fields, Billboards, Building Wall Wash, Pole-Mounted Outdoor Area Lighting, Industrial Plants, Construction Sites, Up/Down Spotlighting, Wharves, Plazas, Airports, and many more!

High Mast lighting is commonly installed in very difficult-to-reach areas, which means sending maintenance workers to them is inconvenient and expensive. Our LED units are extra lightweight and come with an adjustable yoke, making them easy to install! Adding to that, they have a Lumen Maintenance of over 70 percent at 50,000+ hours (well over five years)! These advantages make LEDtronics’ LED High Mast Flood Lights an obvious choice!

They also have an IP65 safety rating, which makes them suitable for wet locations. The LED High Mast Flood Lights come in an Input Voltage range of 100 to 277 VAC, with a wide operating temperature range of ~-30°C to ~+55°C. Their solid-state construction renders them impervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes.

For qualified volume offers, different Color Temperatures, other Beam Angles, 200~480VAC Input Voltage and optional T-bracket accessory are available.

LEDtronics’ DLC-Listed LED High Mast Flood Lights come with a 5-year U.S. warranty. The series is available through LEDtronics distributors, and quantity discounts are available.

About LEDtronics®
LEDtronics and its founder are responsible for creating the foundation of the LED industry, and are the pioneers of designing, manufacturing and packaging LED lighting products of unrivaled performance and value for industries and customers of all kinds, including 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Since 1983, Torrance, California-based LEDtronics has been the unparalleled “Problem Solver” for LED lighting solutions.

The company’s vast array of products includes Tube Lights & Thin Panels, Shoeboxes, Down Lights, Post Tops, Canopy Fixtures, Bay Lights, Flood Lights, Street Lights, PAR & CFL-Style Bulbs, Miniature, Panel Mount and thousands more!

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