Smart Devices for Smart Applications | Diotec Semiconductor Plans to Release New Product at Electronica India 2016


Smart Devices for Smart Applications – Diotec Semiconductor plans to release the anticipated new product (MUR460L) at this month’s upcoming Electronica India, in Bangalore.

“Under this slogan we start a series of Online Video Presentations. In the First Edition you will learn how electric vehicles can be charged reliably by means of the DBI25005A. These bridge rectifiers are further interesting for industrial power supplies operated on worldwide mains,” Diotec Semiconductor said. “During electronica India in Bangalore we present for the first time to the public the Superfast Efficient Rectifier MUR460L. This 4A/600V axial lead diode with optimized price/performance ratio comes with a trr of only 50ns at a forward voltage of 1.28V. It is used e. g. for the output rectification at very high frequencies. The electronica India is from Sep 21 to 23 2016, you can find our stand No. 2010 in hall 2L.”

For more information regarding this, or to submit an inquiry for Diotec Semiconductor products, visit: Diotec at IBS Electronics online!




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