National Welding Month

April 2017 is National Welding Month!

April is National Welding Month! Welding is an integral part of the modern world, as it is found in everyday household appliances and goods. Welding is also the  modern”glue” that makes things like vehicles, appliances, and infrastructure possible. If you would like to get involved with welding month, you can visit this welding organization’s website.

welding picture


“The reason why April is listed as National Welding Month by Chase’s Edition of Events, a recognized calendar of commemorations, is because welding is the secret ingredient that keeps today’s world together. […]

“Welding has taken us to the moon and back, produced monuments of steel where we work and live, defended us in war and has been integral in modern research—from connecting computer pathways to bonding space age materials.”

—The American Welding Society, 1996

The “Spark” in Your Supply Chain


IBS Electronics is a global distributor of electronic components and indirect materials for CMs, OEMS, and welding operations. Whether you are procuring electronic components, indirect materials, or chemical products, managing your budget and increasing purchasing power becomes much easier with the IBS Electronics global network. You can also reduce freight costs on consolidated shipments. With an extensive line card, we offer the benefits of vendor consolidation.

Contact the IBS Electronics Group to request a quote for any supply chain or procurement needs.

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