Short Leadtimes + Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator + Application Note Smart Meter + SPICE Models and STEP Files



Is your current supplier increasing lead times? 
Facing a line down situation because of delivery delays? 
Diotec offers many of its production range from stock or with a typical four to six weeks lead time. We can cross reference and replace various industrial part numbers on diodes, rectifiers, small signal devices, and more!

New Device Family: Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator

The MMTL431A is an Adjustable Shunt Regulator in SOT-23 following the industry standard 431 series. It features a precise voltage reference with +/-0.7% and allows for constant voltage adjustment from 2.48V up to 36V at currents from 1mA to 100mA. As such it is an alternative for low voltage Zener diodes, which show below 6.8V a more and more “round” characteristic. The MMTL431A shows in contrast a mostly perfect linearity with very tight tolerance.

New Application Note: Products for Smart Meter

Smart Meters will replace the traditionally installed devices over the next few years. Rather than measuring energy with an electromechanical counter, they use electronic meter systems and allow for flexible tariffing and remote reading. The NEWDiotec Application NoteProducts for Smart Meter explains the need for minimum 1600V input rectifier for their power stage and why an Avalanche diode must have less than 2000V in that place.

SPICE Models and STEP Files:

SPICE Models are known software tools for simulation of electronic circuits. While most available models are rather simple and only offer basic device behavior, Diotec can provide SPICE Models close to reality: A TVS diode shows e. g. the dependence of clamping voltage on peak pulse current and the increase of leakage current on temperature. Models for most devices can be ordered fromThe IBS Electronics Group.
STEP Files are maybe less common. These are 3D models of the device outline and can be used in CAD systems for mechanical modeling of the printed circuit board or even the entire device. On request, Diotec offers step files for most of its package outlines. Ask The IBS Electronics Group for any of your STEP file needs.


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