Marl’s 690 Series, UL Certified, Sealed LED Panel Indicator

Marl_colour-300x150Marl is a trusted provider of high quality LED Indication, LED Lamps and LED Lighting products that are designed to meet the increased demand for innovation across a growing range of applications. Marl is based at Marl Business Park in the South Lakes and acknowledged as one of the best blue chip companies. Marl is recognized internationally as one of the most innovative producers of high performance, high quality opto-electronic components.

Marl has an extensive product capabilities range from discrete LEDs, Lamps to circuit board, PCB mounted, panel mounted, bulb replacement LEDs, panel indicators, accessories and custom assemblies.

Marl’s 690 Series

Marl’s 690 Series, multi-voltage and available in a range of LED color options, is suitable for portable, external, and high vibration applications. This product is UL Listed, offers outstanding reliability, and is ideal for status panel indication, NEMA enclosures, portable equipment, defense and industrial control panels.

     image003                        image001

The 690 Series is also used on Theme Parks as “Safety Critical Indicators”.  The indicators are positioned on the actual rides and the control panels to advise the supervisor that all the seat belts have been inserted.

The 690 Series features a black anodized aluminium housing, a flat water clear lens; giving clear “On/Off” state, and is sealed to IP67 making this product weatherproof. Bi-polar circuitry means this product is suitable for AC or low voltage DC in any orientation, and the optional “D” mounting style aids anti-rotation.

The 690 series is also available in infra-red; LED colors, voltage options, and flying leads available for semi-custom projects.

Marl’s 690 Series – Used by Theme Park Ride Vehicles
Marl’s 690 Series – Used by Theme Park Ride Control Systems

Product Description:

9.6mm (3/8”) mounting, Professional LED Panel Indicator featuring a high intensity LED element. Integral circuitry has been designed to facilitate an operation voltage range of 8-48Vac/dc, Bi-Polar. Termination is achieved by standard solder/crimp tags. This particular device is fitted with a low profile, water clear lens assembly to provide excellent wide angle viewing and On/Off contrast ratio. The precision turned housing is manufactured from aluminium with a high quality, black anodized finish.  Benefits include high optical performance, outstanding reliability, vandal resistance and sealing specifications in excess of IP67. The indicator is supplied complete with full mounting hardware.  The indicator conforms to full UL Listing.

690 Series 9.6mm UL Sealed Panel Indicator – View Data Sheet

View Marl LED Product Selector Guide

The IBS Electronics Group is an authorized franchise distributor of Marl products. Please contact us to request a quote, order samples, or customize solutions with one of our engineers today!


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