Ametherm Introduces MM35-DIN Series for High Power Inrush Current Applications


Ametherm is the leading manufacturer of inrush current limiter(ICL) thermistors and Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors for temperature compensation and control. Established in 1994 and headquartered in Carson City, Nevada, Ametherm is globally recognized for superior thermistor engineering and temperature control solutions.

Ametherm MM35-DIN Series

MM35-DIN Series for High Power Inrush Current Applications

Ametherm thermistor Inrush Current Limiters have become the industry standard to reduce inrush current across the electronics industry. With the development of Ametherm’s MM35-DIN Series, Inrush Current Limiters can now take on industrial-strength high power inrush current inrush for high power industrial applications.

High Power Inrush Current Deserves Industrial Strength Inrush Current Protection

With continuous current ratings from 50A to 80A at 680V RMS and energy to 1,200 joules, the Ametherm MM35-DIN Series of Inrush Current Limiters can handle the high power levels found in the industrial environment.

Benefits of Employing the MM35-DIN Series

The MM35-DIN Series offer:

  • Higher energy ratings.
  • Ideal for power distribution.
  • Higher continuous current ratings.
  • Ideal for systems that are typically powered on once daily.
  • Single Part Solution. No need for additional by-pass circuitry.

Single and Three Phase Applications Include:

  • AC Motors.
  • Transformers.
  • Power Supply/Inverters.
  • Refer to the Maximum Power Ratings Chart for more applications.


  • Inrush Current Limiter Selection Process – Depending on your equipment and load type and your power requirements, go to the Inrush Current Limiter Selection calculators chart below to determine the right calculations for your application.
 Supply Chain Graphic - cover photo

IBS Electronics is an authorized franchise distributor of Ametherm products. Our team of engineers offer first hand support to guide you to the right component for any application type. Work with industry leading engineers to customize circuit protection devices with The IBS Electronics Group.


Protect the design and integrity of your products from surge current damage. For more information or to order samples, please contact us today for a quote.


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