Achieve Higher Efficiency, and Less Emissions – with Panjit Semiconductor

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Founded in 1986, PANJIT manufactures Zener diodes, surface mount rectifiers, glass passivated rectifier chips, glass passivated junction rectifiers, plastic passivated junction rectifiers, transient voltage suppressor, semiconductors, and related products. In recent years, PANJIT has expanded their product offering, launching the SiC Schottky devices in 2015. As of late, PANJIT is placing greater emphasis on quality; this has earned them environmental certifications and supplier quality awards. PANJIT also conforms to various Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards.

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Why Load Dump Protection TVS Is Needed:

• Load dump TVS is an important protection device for automotive electrical module. It mainly protects the circuit by clamping down the surge voltage generated by the generator during load dump mode.
• When the battery of the automobile suddenly disconnect when the engine is running, the generator will causes an overshoot, which is called surge voltage.
• In order to assure the stability and reliability when the car is running, ECU needs to be anti-disturbance qualified. Currently, the automotive OEM refers to the following standards: ISO7637-2-2004, ISO16750-2 2010(E), JASO and Toyota TC7001

A One-Stop Solutions Distributor

At IBS Electronics, we have over 30 years of experience in the electronic component business. We operate a global sourcing and warehouse network, with offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Through our low market prices, ISO certification, and commitment to quality, we can ship PANJIT equipment to any part of the world. We’ll consolidate your shipments and even work on custom solutions for you. Contact us for your next project.



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