Image Sensor for Human Recognition Human Vision Components, “HVC-P2”


OMRON Corporation has been developing image sensing technology “OKAOTM Vision”, for Human Recognition for over 20 years, which enables the detection of faces, facial features, human bodies coupled with the estimation of age or gender of the humans in the captured images. Omron had licensed this technology into mainly digital cameras and smartphones, and consequently those have amounted to a total over 10 million licenses.

Human Vision Components “HVC-P2”, Image Sensor for Human Recognition

Human Vision Components (HVC), the image sensor for Human Recognition, is a combination of Omron’s own image sensing technology “OKAOTM Vision”, which can recognize people’s blinks, gaze direction, expression, gender or age, with a camera module. Response time has become 10 times faster than the first generation , HVC-P, at maximum rate. Moreover, there are two types of lens options available, a long-distance 50 degree type (B5T-007001-010) and a wide-angle, 90 degree type (B5T-007001-020). This allows customers to make a choice depending on detection distance and FOV(Field of Vision). “HVC-P2” is able to detect and estimate the attributes or condition of the objects without notifying them of the presence of its camera, and realizes the optimal service which corresponds to users’ needs.



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