IBS Electronics Group Hosts Annual Strategy Outing In The Philippines, Reducing Supply Chain Complexity & Strengthening OneIBS Global Team Camaraderie

The IBS Electronics Group hosted annual strategy outing, “OneIBS Bleisure Experience 2019,” strengthening team camaraderie, and developing industry leading solutions that reduce supply chain complexity.

OneIBS Bleisure Experience Day #1

IBS Electronics, Inc. was established in 1980 in Southern California with a mission to become the leading global distributor through superior customer service, innovation, quality products, and total commitment.

Operating with the philosophy that investing in our people not only builds trust, loyalty, and strengthens team bonds, but it also develops the characteristics to provide best in class service to our customers.

Over 50 team members from 8 country offices and speaking 8+ languages all came together in Batangas, Philippines magnifying global synergy so that together we can to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations on time, every time.

We continue to achieve the company mission by providing a platform for our global team that strengthens internal relationships, and delivers continuous training in order to ensure the implementation of the latest technology and most efficient processes.

Nearly 40 years later, we have expanded globally to 12 countries and achieved our goals because of one vision: to continue to provide a better, stronger, and more durable company, while protecting our IBS brand, investing in our people, and helping improve supply chain efficiency throughout the world.

Over the course of 4 days, OneIBS global team engaged in various team-building activities strengthening everyone physically and mentally.

Most notably, over 50 team members came together to participate in OneIBS Amazing Race. Breaking into teams, each member was faced with challenges to overcome to conjointly achieve success.

Additionally, the event hosted various workshops and continuous training exercises – including the introduction of our Customer Experience program – which redirects our team’s thinking from a reactive role, to a proactive role, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction, everytime.

A special thank you to the hard work and dedication of our Philippine’s office team who hosted and organized the event.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Together, We Are OneIBS.

OneIBS: Your ONE solution to reducing supply chain complexities, efficiently.

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