Amtek is globally known as a leading Taiwanese connector manufacturer. In business in Taiwan for over 25 years, Amtek connectors are highly sought after due their wide configurations. This makes them not only versatile, but also compatible with most design specifications.

✔ Automotive, Consumer, & Industrial Grade

✔ Price Savings 30%-50%

✔ Stocking Programs at IBS Electronics

✔ Lead Time (4-6 weeks)

✔ Made in Taiwan

With a keen attention to engineering details, Amtek connectors not only work in tough conditions, but adapt to them as well.

IBS Electronics creates an integrated supply chain with our customers and suppliers by becoming a seamless extension of their operations worldwide. IBS delivers “Best in Class” processes, information, technology, tools, and people.

For more information, or to request a quote, contact us today!

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