Degson Electronics Introduced New Vietnam Factory, Delivering on USA Market Needs | Industry Leading Alternative to Replace WAGO, Weidmueller, and Phoenix Contact | NEW Product Alert

Degson Electronics introduces NEW factory now operating in Vietnam to meet the needs of the USA market. To date, Degson produces more than 1 billion terminal blocks a year.

Degson is the industries leading alternative to WAGO, Weidmueller, and Phoenix Contact.
Products include: Circular Connectors, Heavy Duty Connectors, Cable Harness, EV Charging, Terminal Blocks, and Customized products.

Degson Electronics HQ

With a constant commitment to qualityDegson sells to over 90 countries, such as US, Germany, UK, Japan, South Korea, and South Africa.  Degson products deliver the industries best alternative components to those offered from WAGO, Weidmueller, and Phoenix Contact.

DG129-5.0/7 .5-1 00A
Applications include: Industrial automation, power supply, instrument, security etc.
Applications include: Electric power.
Applications include: Lighting, power supply, instrument, security etc.
Applications include:
Electric power etc.

Degson Electronics is a vertically integrated company; and takes pride in developing the highest quality components offering the highest level of reliability in the world.

Degson Integrated Service

DEGSON has horizontal and vertical Injection Machines collaborated with self-designed high precision molds that can satisfy customers with high-quality injection products and provide a series of plastic materials and pigments according to customers’ needs.

DEGSON has all kinds of High Precision Punching and Stamping Machines and Automatic Spring Machine equipped with provide customer with precision accessories.

DEGSON’s automatic assembly production is about 70% which can realize products consistency improved while manual assembly production is about 30% mainly for new products, customized products or special products. CCD automatic inspection can perform all kinds of inspections on clamp, measure, screw and case.

For more information regarding Degson Electronics, please contact the IBS Electronics Group, Authorized Global Distributor since 1980.

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