Amtek Introduces New SMC Connectors & Type-C (USB-C) Dongle

Amtek Technology Co., Ltd. has launched new SMC cables for high speed data transmission and introduced the latest type-c dongles supporting USB-C, Available from IBS Electronics Group.

Amtek is globally known as a leading manufacturer of high quality connectors. In business for over 25 years, Amtek connectors are highly sought after due their wide configurations. This makes them not only versatile, but also compatible with most design specifications.

Amtek’s connectors are also known for their high quality, making them a great long-term investment. With a keen attention to engineering details, Amtek connectors not only work in tough conditions, but adapt to them as well. With their overseas factories, IBS Electronics provides competitive pricing and ensures authentic connectors through an extensive quality control.

Amtek SMC Cables

Type-C Dongle Supporting USB-C

Amtek connectors may be purchased through IBS Electronics and shipped to any part of the world. Do you have a design with special requirements? IBS Electronics can work with Amtek’s in-house engineering R&D team on your behalf. Together, we can come up with a custom-built connector solution for any project. For more information please contact us!

IBS Electronics Group

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