Real Talk with Rob Tavi ft Nemanja Jokanovic – Living The Real American Dream!

As an Immigrant student majoring in economics who transitioned into the electronics field, Nemanja has shown us that hard work every day allows us to produce any result. As a networker and innovator for the electronics industry, Nemanja supports electronics distributors and manufacturers with ideas and strategies to increase brand and product awareness resulting in maximized visibility online. Learn more about how his career as an immigrant in the electronics industry began, and how he is now on the team at Octopart.

Octopart is a free and powerful search engine that allows users to easily compare millions of components, find important technical information, quickly make component selection decisions, and purchase parts from distributors. With essential utilities such as their Common Parts Library and an easy to use BOM Tool, finding reliable and affordable parts is that much simpler. Octopart’s new recently released API allows you to access stocking information, price breaks, lead times, minimum order quantities, and much more sourcing information from over 100 distributors.

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