High-Performance Power Supplies from Camtec – Distributed by IBS Electronics Group

Since 1995 Camtec has been a leading German supplier of demanding power supply systems. The product portfolio includes one-phase and three-phase embedded power, DIN rail power supply, enclosed box power supply, base plate cooled power, FET-based DC power switches, programmable power supply and a family of very exact electronic AC inrush current limiters for capacitive loads.

Additionally, their portfolio includes Unbreakable Power Supplies, DC-UPS, Battery Chargers and Charging Rectifiers for the modular DC-UPS, up to 60KW. Camtec also provides Redundant-Modules, Inrush Current Limiters and Electronic DC-MosFET Relays for the Automation Powertrain.

References Available:

CAMTEC POWER SUPPLIES GMBH represents the outstanding character of the modern electronic industry. Their engineering-team hardly aspires towards high-efficient solutions for complex demands under challenging ambient conditions. Camtec strictly reinvest 40% of its operative income into research and development to cope the customer future requirements. The primary objective is the wise handling of our limited energy resources.

  • Automotive
  • Building Automation
  • Defense
  • Factory Automation
  • Infrastructure & Cities
  • Lighting Professionals
  • Machine Building Professionals
  • Nuclear Plant & Disposal
  • Oil, Gas Plant & Offshore
  • Railroad
  • Steel Plant
  • Traffic Control
  • Test Bench & Test Automation
  • UPS (industrial)

IBS Electronics is an Authorized Franchise Distributor for Camtec Power Supplies. For more information or to request a quote please contact us!

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