World Leader Electronics Counterfeit Mitigation Solutions | Real Talk Ft. Richard Smith | Episode 9

In this episode of Real Talk with Rob Tavi Ft. Richard Smith, learn about the evolution of technology in the electronics industry and the increasing number of fraudulent parts flooding the market. Discover how Richard and his team at ERAI are the World Leaders in electronics counterfeit mitigation solutions for manufacturers globally!

Among ERAI’s host of risk assessment tools is the world’s largest database of suspect counterfeit and nonconforming electronic parts. This tool, alone, has fully changed the way in which sectors of the supply chain research, track, identify, purchase and sell material. It allows members to better mitigate risks in their procurement process, especially when dealing with end-of-life or obsolete parts.

ERAI’s website and full line of tools and services have been assisting buyers and sellers from all sectors of the supply chain in preventing loss by minimizing risk in the material purchasing and selling processes. The main objective of the organization’s insights and knowledge is to help prevent issues before they occur – and ERAI’s offerings do just that. Furthermore, our services help eliminate the threats of financial loss and/or risk to a company’s reputation.

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