Electronic Component Distribution Recruitment | Real Talk Ft. Michael Roberts Solutions | Episode 11

It require’s both great leaders and strong teams to accomplish success, but how does one obtain this A team? Dive into Episode 11 of Real Talk with Rob Tavi Ft. Michael Roberts, Founder/CEO of Michael Roberts Solutions and discover his world of innovative recruitment methods that match the best talent with the leading Electronic Component Distributors around the world.

MR-Solutions want to make a positive impact on businesses and help create opportunities for candidates who either want to progress their careers or give them the standard of living which is important to them. The difference between each Recruitment Agency isn’t the tools, brand, resources, or branch location, it’s more about trusting your recruitment partner to do what’s right by you and your business.

The reason we’ve chosen to represent the Electronic Component Distribution sector is due to years of experience and the amazing people that make this industry what it is. A very incestuous market so reputation is vitally important to both clients and candidates so there is no where to hide. We believe Recruitment is a fundamental part of growing any business so choosing a recruitment partner who understands your market for me is a no-brainer and extremely important if you’re looking to get value for money.

For more episodes, visit www.RobTavi.com

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