Cooka CEO Shares Insight On China and Future of Business | Real Talk Ft. Paul Jolley | Episode 13

In this Episode of Real Talk Ft. Paul Jolley, tune in to find out what inspired him to start Cooka, an innovator of high-performance potentiometers, and to get a first hand experience of the Covid-19 pandemic in China and the procedures they have implemented to slow the spread.

Cooka focuses on high-end potentiometers, using an innovative silver paste process. Their products can be found in various product and industries around the globe. Including industrial automation control, medical equipment, automotive electronics, intelligent systems, industrial equipment, robots, game consoles and controllers.

Cooka has a unique new material technology, making the products highly reliable compared with competitors in the same industry to form a unique competitive advantage. The application of this technology improves the stability and consistency of the product to a great extent.

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