Nanosatellites Orbiting Low Earth Built to Predict Global Trade Movements

The stage of maturity — Earth observation in a new era of space exploration  | by Radiant Earth Foundation | Radiant Earth Insights | Medium

Backed by £6 million of UK Government investments, nanosatellites made by Spire Global UK in Glasgow are set to take off from the Russian Soyuz Launcher on September 24th. The UK Space Agency (UKSA) also notes that two additional nanosatellites will be onboard an Indian PSLV launcher scheduled for launch come November 1st, due to join a fleet of 100 plus objects already in Low Earth orbit.

According to the Chief Executive of UKSA Graham Turnock: “Nanosatellites weigh less than a piece of cabin luggage, but are enormously powerful in what they can do. These four Spire satellites are aimed at making trade hyper-accurate, with technology that makes business more cost effective and efficient.”

Turnock also continues to state that “Scotland’s space sector is booming. Our membership of ESA is benefiting companies across the UK, and we are committed to supporting the space.”

Being a satellite-powered data company, Spire Global UK has the capacity to provide predictive analysis, aviation, global shipping, and weather forecasting.

These capabilities have been further developed under an ESA Pioneer program that is the result of a partnership project co-funded by the UK Space Agency.

Bringing everything full circle, Spire Global hopes to use these nanosatellites to further businesses and help push the boundaries of what can be accomplished through their vast technologies and innovations. As claimed by CEO and co-founder of Spire Global Peter Platzer, “Spire is all about helping our customers know what is next, so they can make better decisions,” said Peter Platzer, CEO and co-founder of Spire Global (pictured above). “This month we are moving this forward by launching a true super-computer into orbit – 1-2 teraflops! – so that we can analyse data right in orbit, using smart algorithms and machine learning.”

With the use of these nanosatellites in low orbit, Spire Global looks forward to allowing for their solutions to get “better, smarter and faster analytics to our customers for their business decisions.”

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