Leadership Driving The Digital Change For ERA | Real Talk Ft. Walter Tobin, CEO – ERA | Episode 14

Take an in-depth look at the driving force and leader behind the long lasting success of the Electronics Representatives Association. On this Episode of Real Talk Ft. ERA CEO Walter Tobin, Mr. Tobin discusses the previous events leading up to ERA as well as the major technical advancements him and his team have and made. Also be sure to check out the first look at ERA’s new Virtual Expo announced today along with the process that he underwent to make the necessary changes to make it happen.

Since 1935, ERA’s assertive leadership role in promoting and protecting the function has led to the identification of manufacturers’ representatives as equal partners in the field sales and marketing process. ERA gives a voice not only to representatives but to the manufacturers and distributors who partner with them. ERA listens and responds to members and to the forces that impact the success of their companies.

It is the mission of ERA to advance and support the professional field sales function in the global electronics industry by providing programs, services and activities that educate, inform and advocate for manufacturers’ representatives, the principals they represent and the distributors who are representatives’ partners in the marketplace.

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