Leaders Pushing to Innovate The Electronics Industry | Real Talk Ft. Sarah Kehoe | Episode 16

On this Episode of Real Talk with Rob Tavi Ft. Sarah Kehoe, discover two of the driving forces leading the innovation that is bringing greater excitement to the electronics industry. Coming from similar backgrounds where the electronics industry is written in their DNA, both Sarah and Rob strive to introduce change through the digitalization of old school sales and marketing strategies. With connections from Asia to the Americas, Sarah shares the success of Kehoe Electronics. Tune in for an exciting episode including personal stories and relatable travels to China.

In 2012, Sarah started Kehoe Electronics where she partnered with a handful of strong manufacturers that specialize in sub assy and box build systems. These same manufacturers are still in partnership with Kehoe Electronics today.

Sarah has been able to create a system with the Kehoe Team around Project Management, High Quality, scrubbing boms ,and awareness of potential issues and preventative actions. The frame of this system focuses on balance and thriving partnership with the KE manufacturers and customers.KE specializes in custom design solutions for lighting, consumer, medical device, and industrial applications.

For more episodes, visit www.RobTavi.com

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