Cost-Effective Customized Connector Solutions | Amtek Technology from IBS Electronics

Globally renowned as a leading manufacturer of high-quality connectors for over 25 years, Amtek Technology Co., LTD.’s connectors have become highly sought after due to their wide configurations that make them not only versatile, but compatible with most design specifications as well. Amtek’s connectors are furnished in a wide variety of styles and configurations to suit any design requirements.

With a distinct attention to engineering details, Amtek connectors are adaptable and can work in any adverse condition. IBS Electronics offers a wide selection of Amtek connector types, including:

In fact, when looking at Amtek’s 64SWT-ADXX111, it can be seen just how effective Amtek products are, as a product description is posted below:

With applications seen in a variety of industries from electronic devices, home applications, automotive, medical equipment, industrial, and plenty more, Amtek is committed to providing products for their customers that are truly above that of their competitors. In addition to standard ranges, Amtek provides custom-built connectors that are designed, developed, and manufactured to meet any customers’ individual needs. To meet these unique requirements, Amtek’s staff is incredibly motivated to providing superior solutions that are delivered swiftly and cost effective. Known for their connectors high-quality products that are recognized throughout the electronics industry, Amtek is convinced that their services and products will add to your success as well, making for a one-of-a-kind long-term investment.  

Amtek connectors may be purchased through IBS Electronics and shipped to any part of the world. Do you have a design with special requirements? IBS Electronics can work with Amtek’s in-house research and development team on your behalf. Together, we can come up with a custom-built connector solution for your project.

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