The Evolution of Journalism Supporting Industry 4.0 | Real Talk Ft. Philip Stoten | Episode 20

Tune in to this episode Real Talk With Rob Tavi Ft. Philip Stoten as we explore the evolution of journalism supporting industry 4.0! Since Philip was young, he wanted to be a journalist, but an aptitude for science, the technology boom in Cambridge and his poor performance in English at school, led him into manufacturing, where he worked in design, manufacturing, management and sales and marketing.

Learn about Philip’s past of designing and how he has transitioned to become a Forbes Contributor, Founder of Scoop Communications (a content marketing agency,) and the Founder and Owner of EMSNow, the source of insights and information for the Electronic Manufacturing Services industry.

EMSNOW was launched in 2002 to provide the Electronics Manufacturing Sector, and its supporting supplier and customer bases, with a single, real-time information and analysis source covering the global aspects of this critical industry. EMSNOW focuses on the business of the EMS industry.

EMSNOW brings the world to you every day in a concise and information rich format. Unlike other sites, which just bring you press releases, EMSNOW also brings you news analysis, financial analysis, opinions and judgments by industry leaders and visionaries, and access to research that will give you better insights to markets and trends. EMSNOW uses journalists and contacts around the world so information is always fresh and always relevant.

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