The Modern Humanization of Digital Engagement In B2B | Real Talk Ft. Steve Cholas | Ep 31

Tune in to this episode of Real Talk Ft. Steve Cholas, VP of Business Development for Big Zeta as we dig in to the concepts generating customers through humanizing various engagement touch points along a B2B user’s journey! Steve is a true legend of wisdom, sharing insights on current electronics industry market conditions and the evolution of modern digital technology helping companies transform their digital presence.

From selling media space in 1983, to the digitalization of the first industry Media Company live on the web in 1994, discover how Steve’s Journey resulted in the development of Big Zeta, making digital strategies a reality by leveraging Big Zeta’s B2B electronics strategic services and SaaS products like the Electronic Part Search!

Big Zeta is a provider of custom and standard B2B technical products designed by engineers, for engineers. With over 100 combined years of B2B experience, Big Zeta’s team helps make your digital goals a reality through strategy, execution, and transformation. With products for optimized keyword and parametric search grown from empirical data and constant-feedback cycles, Big Zeta provides holistic, customer-facing platforms that drive acquisition, engagement, and conversion. In addition to search, Big Zeta offers website design and redesign that prioritize functionality and aesthetics, giving you a competitive edge in your industry.

Whether you need a website refresh or a brand new platform for your business, Big Zeta’s design and development teams will work with you to build a custom solution that exceeds your expectations.

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