Innovations Driving The RC Car Industry | Real Talk Ft. Richard Trujillo | Ep 32

On this episode of Real Talk with Rob Tavi Ft. Richard Trujillo, Sr. Product Developer at Horizon Hobby, we take a step back in time to reunite with an old friend and coach from Rob Tavi’s childhood days of competitive RC Car Racing. With an increasing demand among the competitive and consumer market, tune in as we explore the transformation and innovations within the world of RC cars / radio control products, market conditions effecting the supply chain and the engineering improving both precision and performance!

Since opening their doors in 1985, Horizon Hobby, LLC has become the undisputed leader in radio control products and accessories. With hundreds of employees around the globe, they are an international company with locations in the United States, China, Germany, and the UK.

Horizon Hobby’s employees drive the RC community. They take their mission of helping people have fun with hobbies seriously. From their world-class innovative products and customer experience, their commitment to the customer is at the heart of everything they do. At Horizon Hobby, they are driven to succeed!

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