Industry Outlook with Electronics Sourcing Magazine | Real Talk Ft. Publisher Mark Leary | Ep 33

Dig in to this episode of Real Talk Ft. MMG / Electronics Sourcing Publisher Mark Leary for an industry outlook! Discover the modernization of the electronics industry publications and the efforts taken to tailor to readers needs, publish relevant content and meet market distribution demand as the only printed electronics purchasing magazine distributed in North America.

Electronics Sourcing is the essential publication to help purchasing professionals find out how, what and where to buy the latest electronic components.

MMG Publishing is an independent publisher of magazines and marketing products specializing within the European and North American Electronics industry. The philosophy behind MMG is to publish market leading publications that provide the most up to date, targeted and reader requested circulations available for all of its titles.

MMG prides itself on the highest possible editorial quality for its publications and on-line products. The editorial profile on each brand is constantly adjusted to each titles industry’s changing needs from an editorial team who are based in the UK and North America. We aim to be the perfect company to work with or for and only by having the highest quality individuals can you produce the highest quality marketing products combining the very best in circulation, editorial, design and client services.

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