Technology Advancing Electronic Component Distribution | Real Talk Ft. Sourceability | Ep 34

With an idea to solve the challenge of mass quoting and an awareness that change within well established organizations can be difficult, Founder and CEO, Jens Gamperl, with the support of Yashar Shahabi, Sr. Vice President of eCommerce and Digital Transformation and their team, launched the industries most successful electronic component sourcing marketplace with API integrations into customers systems for the optimal distribution customer experience. Tune in to this episode of Real Talk ft. Sourceability and discover the leaders behind the technology advancing modern electronic component sourcing tools supporting the worlds greatest electronics manufacturing companies.

Sourceability’s mission is to support the needs of the electronics industry’s supply chain with a comprehensive suite of forward thinking digital products and services by providing access to reliable technical and technology intelligence, and enabling engineering sourcing for product design requirements.

Sourceability’s goal is to transform themselves from a distribution company to a technology company; and be the innovators of our industry. They are bold, dare to be different, and to bring about progressive changes to our industry. They have the tenacity to strive to give their best even when faced with obstacles and challenges making today’s ideals tomorrow’s realities.

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