ERP Thought Leadership Driving Digital Transformation | Real Talk Ft. Sam Gupta | Ep 37

Tune in to this episode of Real Talk ft. Sam Gupta and discover an ERP Thought Leader driving digital transformation! Advancing integrations with your organizations technologies are becoming an essential component of Enterprise Resource Planning. As technology evolves, system integrations are experiencing a revolution simplifying the communication between all of your organizations systems for maximum data output resulting in effective insights for growth while improving the customer experience.

Sam Gupta has been a ERP thought leader in the digital transformation space for nearly two decades, with the primary focus on financial systems and ERP. He has been part of large transformation initiatives for fortune-500 corporations but now spends his time consulting with SMEs as a Principal Consultant at ElevatIQ. Sam’s deep expertise in manufacturing value chain combined with cross-industry expertise enable him to have higher success rate with digital transformation initiatives in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries.

Sam has been involved with startup ecosystem in the last 10 years and have experience in building and growing businesses from scratch. Sam regularly speaks at industry conferences and contributes his experiences through many popular blogs and publications. He also hosts a podcast called WBSRocks focused on business growth through digital transformation and ERP where he interviews top influencers and executives from ERP, Supply Chain, Digital Transformation, Supply Chain, and Accounting.

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