Electronics Quality Assurance | Real Talk Ft. Mark Rinehart, White Horse Laboratories | Ep 41

Counterfeit electronics cost the industry billions each year and the pressure on the supply chain for electronic components is higher than ever! Tune in to this episode of Real Talk with Rob Tavi, Ft. Mark Rinehart, Managing Director and Founder of White Horse Laboratories, as we explore the supply chain conditions driving the rapid increase in counterfeiting and the leading mitigation solutions to ensure the integrity of authentic components and stability of the electronics manufactured.

The products and components manufactured and assembled by electronics companies are at the core of the exciting, fast-moving, and increasingly complex technologies that touch every aspect of today’s modern life. However, the rising demand for reliable, high-performance electronics has built massive pressure on the supply chain:

  • Complex and non-transparent global supplier network
  • Need for short and effective product life cycles and increasing regulations
  • Component obsolescence
  • Demand outstrips manufacturing capacity and limited supply is allocated
  • Extended lead-times and higher prices
  • Threat of counterfeit and fraudulently represented product

White Horse Laboratories is the electronics quality assurance partner, from components to finished goods. White Horse Laboratories objective is to prevent and resolve quality issues, through laboratory testing to factory auditing and inspection, rather than simply detect and report them.

For more information about White Horse Laboratories, visit: https://whitehorselabs.com/

For more episodes, visit www.RobTavi.com

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