Reinventing Electronics Supply Chain | Real Talk Ft. CalcuQuote President Chintan Sutaria | Ep 42

Modern technology is enabling brilliant minds to invent innovative software powering the world of tomorrow. Sourcing components by line items with the highest level of accuracy and efficiently is a challenge many electronics manufacturers face. Due to the increasing complexities within the global electronics industry supply chain, how can manufacturers and distributors mitigate disruption while maximizing procurement efficiency?

Tune in to this episode of Real Talk with Rob Tavi ft. CalcuQuote President, Chintan Sutaria to discover how they are reinventing the electronics supply chain!  

CalcuQuote is part of the Elisa group of companies, investing in the next generation of Industry 4.0 solutions to manufacturers across the globe. CalcuQuote works with over 200 EMS companies and distributors to solve complex problems with industry leading solutions. Whether you are struggling with quoting large BOMs, accurately estimating labor and overhead, finding parts, executing purchase orders or tracking performance of your supply chain processes, CalcuQuote can help. Additionally, Customers of electronics components are going online. CalcuQuote can help you digitize your customers’ experience, increase adoption of your existing API solutions and implement digital processes within your own sourcing organizations.  

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