Manufacturer’s Representatives Supporting Tomorrow’s Technology | Real Talk Ft. Gary Smith | Ep 44

As a value-added solution based extension of electronics manufacturer’s engineering, manufacturer’s representatives are bringing the latest component innovations used in tomorrow’s electronics. As the manufacturing world evolves, so do the customer needs for representatives supporting them.

Tune in to this episode of Real Talk with Rob Tavi Ft. Gary Smith, President of G.L. Smith Associates, Inc. as we explore the change that is inevitable and how if we embrace it we can evolve from it, but if we reject it we can be left behind.

G.L. Smith Associates, Inc. was first established in 1991 by Gary Lee Smith. With main offices located in Yorba Linda, California. The company specializes in Passive, Electro-Mechanical Components and Assemblies, EMI/RFI Shielding, Interconnect, Magnetics and Materials.

G.L. Smith Associates, Inc. is a manufacturers’ representative corporation dedicated to representing electronic components and materials to the OEM, Distribution and CEM marketplace. They serve the West Coast with superior service and technical expertise along with a complete understanding of our marketplace. They are dedicated to maintaining the highest integrity in all that we do and to provide quality beyond expectation in every transaction. For more information visit:

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