A New Way for Navigating The Electronics Industry | Real Talk with Rob Tavi Ft. Rob Brunson | Episode 50

Understanding the importance of embracing the electronics industry’s digital sales environment, Rob Brunson, a sales representative from Wallace Electronics sits down at the 2022 ERA Conference with Rob Tavi. Brunson experienced onboarding and attending the 2020 Conference just before the world shut down — now fast forward to 2022 as we explore a New Day, a New Way.

Tune in to the first of the ERA Conference Podcast shorts where we’ll explore fantastic breakout sessions — tracking business as it moves offshore, modern talent recruiting strategies, investing in employees, supply chain disruptions, and the importance of nurturing relationships with digital tools while still focusing on in-person meetings and events.

Stay tuned for future podcast shorts featuring highlights from the 2022 ERA Conference in Austin, Texas!

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