WTL Offers Tier-1 Alternatives for Crystal Oscillators

IBS Electronics has partnered with WTL International Limited to provide a high-quality alternative for crystal oscillators providing a cross-reference to many tier-one brands including Abracom, Epson, and Murata. 

WTL specializes in developing models with comparable specs to discontinued products at a lower cost and provides alternative components from other product series. They have available frequency components ranging from Quartz Crystal to Tuning Fork Crystals that can be delivered up to 4 weeks.

WTL International Limited was established in 2012 as a high-tech enterprise and a member of piezoelectric crystals of the China Electronic Components Association. WTL is an enterprise that integrates the production, sales, and service of electronic components.

WTL is committed to providing high-quality products for consumer applications such as wired communications, microcomputers, PCs, game devices, healthcare equipment, and wireless modules. Since its establishment, they have exported to more than 100 countries and regions, such as the UK, Germany, Spain, Poland, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Russia, and Taiwan. 

At IBS Electronics, our team is dedicated to supporting you with cross-references from alternative brands. From value engineering to vendor consolidation, we aim to support you with cost-reduction and solutions that also help go to market faster.

To request free samples for WTL Crystal Oscillators, click the button below.

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