Get Maximum Protection Against Electrical System Damages with Adler

IBS Electronics Inc. features Adler’s high-speed fuses and system protection for electronic vehicles. 

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness for ecological preservation; and it has pushed automotive companies to generate innovative designs for sustainable alternatives. Yet, this rapid development came with numerous plug-in vehicle safety accidents. Researchers have concluded that these unfortunate incidents originated from a lack of safety designs in the models, setting a new set of safety standards for electronic vehicles.   

Adler’s EV/EVSE fuse series for high voltage rating provides full-range system protection and management of charging systems for electrical, commercial, and high-performance vehicles at an economical package. 

It has completed the evaluation set by United Laboratories (UL) and was the first company to receive the certification of electronic vehicle fuse standards, setting the benchmark for the electronic vehicle industry.  Currently, this series has obtained certifications from UL 248-20, ISO 8820-8; ISO 8820-1, JASO D622, GB/T 31465.6, and IATF 16949.  

This series comes in different variants from cylindrical fuses, HV semiconductor fuses, bolt mounted types, PCB mount fuses, cartridges, automotive mini, midi blade fuses, and NH fuses in several sizes. It also features recommended fuse holders: BH114 10×38, BH214 14x51mm, and the BHR Series. 

The development team has specifically designed this product line for automotive-grade EV main fuses for electric vehicles and have voltage rating up to 1000VDC and amperage rating up to 600A, auxiliary protection for 500 VDC, 800 VDC, and 50 A, and battery ESS protection. 

It can also be applied as photovoltaic fuse-links, photovoltaic surge protection devices, DC isolator switches (up to 63A and circuit breakers up to 630 A), and all standard DIN-Rail NH blade fuses for general industrial application. 

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