Optimize Automotive ECU Design with CoilMaster’s High Current Inductors

CoilMaster has announced the release of its SEP1211EM-A series as the extension of its line of industrial-grade molded inductors.

The SEP1211EM-A series is a space-saving, shielded high current dual inductor that is rated up to 38A and has low DC resistance of atleast 1.9 Mohm, so it’s a great option for an automotive power supply application.

It’s also AEC-Q200 Grade 3 (-40°C to +85°C) rated, so it can run in temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 85°C. This means that it can withstand extreme conditions without any problems!

With its low profile, shielded construction, this inductor can be installed in locations that are subject to highly restricted space constraints. It allows EMI shielding, which helps lower system noise. And with its encapsulation, it offers the highest levels of resistance against salt, moisture, and chemical corrosion—perfect for automotive application.

In addition to meeting AEC-Q200, the devices are approved by RoHS, REACH and are HALOGEN FREE


  • Magnetically shielded and low DC resistance
  • The optimal design realizes high-quality sound and low distortion
  • Minimizes board space requirements
  • Low coupling for minimal crosstalk between inductors
  • 100% Lead (Pb)-Free and RoHS compliant with High reliability -Reliability test complied with AEC-Q200

Metal-composite core inductors from CoilMaster are the best option in power supply for automotive applications because they provide increased magnetic performance that boosts stability and energy efficiency, as well as the additional benefits of reduced electrical noise.

They are also appropriate for high-reliability applications in other industrial, commercial, and high-end consumer scenarios due to their strong mechanical resilience, high-temperature capabilities, and minimum temperature dependence on main parameters.

If you are looking for reliable SMD Power Inductors, Line Filter, Lead Ferrite Beads, SMT Common Mode Choke, and Power Choke, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@ibselectronics.com

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