Navigating the Lead Time Challenge for Vishay & Infineon Components with IBS Electronics’ Alternative Solution 

The recent fire at a Welnew plating plant in Wuxi, China has caused disruptions in the production of MOSFETs, RF Small Signal, and LED Drivers by major semiconductor manufacturers, including Infineon and Vishay. 

Infineon has informed its customers that the plating lines which support their site in Wuxi were severely damaged by the fire, causing a suspension of services until further notice. Vishay has also reported that their plating subcon has been impacted and they expect delivery interruptions. This has left many customers in need of alternative solutions to minimize the impact on their supply chain. 

Amidst the shortage caused by the fire, IBS Electronics Group, an authorized franchise global distributor, offers a solution – Diotec Semiconductor MOSFETs. Our team of engineers has proactively worked to cross over alternatives from Infineon and Vishay, ensuring that our clients have access to reliable and high-quality MOSFETs. 

Diotec Semiconductor MOSFETs offer the same high quality as those produced by Infineon and Vishay, making them an excellent alternative. 

If you need reliable MOSFETs, consider Diotec Semiconductor MOSFETs, available from IBS Electronics Group. Our team of engineers is ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have. For more information, contact our engineers directly at

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