Powering Up Industrial Applications with Camtec’s CPS-EC Series 

The CPS-EC series by Camtec, a prominent power supply manufacturer, is a switch-mode power supply engineered to meet the high-end demands of industrial applications. This German-made unit is adjustable for both current and voltage designed to meet a wide range of complex applications, including railway, complex drives, battery charging for DC-UPS, test-stands, machine-building, and professional LED lighting.

This power supply can deliver highly accurate and stable current & voltage and features low ripple noise and precise load regulation, which protects sensitive electronic components from damage caused by electrical fluctuations. 

The CPS-EC series has an impressive efficiency of up to 94%, allowing it to operate at optimal levels, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing the risk of overheating. The use of high-end, long-lasting capacitors guarantees an extended hold-up time and an exceptional lifetime, contributing to its high efficiency. 

The CPS-EC series is designed to handle complex loads with ease. Its circuit design ensures that complex loads start quickly and efficiently, while the internal control circuit manages illegal operating conditions, protecting the system from damage. As a result, the CPS-EC series is ideal for industrial applications that require reliable and efficient power supplies. 

Safety is also an advantage of the CPS-EC series. The unit is designed to handle active high-input transients with suppressor diodes, X2-capacitors, and varistors, protecting from power surges and other electrical anomalies that could damage sensitive electronic components. The galvanic isolation of all inputs, outputs and feature connections ensures that the unit is protected from electromagnetic interference, which could cause system damage. The CPS-EC series’ design rules prioritize extended interference immunity and safety, making it one of the most dependable and secure power supplies for industrial applications. 

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