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Leading Distributor of 2015 Reduces Cost of Parts

IBS Electronics, INC., ranked #33 in Global Purchasing’s list of Top 50 Distributors of 2015 – reduces costs to buyers seeking electronic components from a reputable authorized distributor. IBS Electronics, founded in 1980 is an ISO 9001:2008 Authorized Franchise Distributor and global leader in the delivery of innovative electronic components and logistic solutions. Headquartered in California, the company operates a highly effective global sourcing network across the Americas, Asia, and Europe; with offices in Mexico, Germany, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, and the USA.


The silver-plated TP-107 Series loop-profile SMT test points offer positive and secure locations for most commercially available spring-loaded test clips and probes while providing a strong bond to the surface mount PCB to accommodate for mechanical stress.

The TP-107 Series achieves this through the Helicoil configuration of its flat wire design, resulting in a mounting surface footprint almost double the area of surface adhesion beyond the dimensions of the wire loop material. This bond to the board requires an average 18 lbs. of force to dislodge the test point from the solder pad.

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LEDtronics®, Inc., announces a new series of High-Power LED T5 Appliance Bulbs with a compact design that makes them ideal for tight spaces! The LED bulbs consume only 3.4
watts, replacing incandescent and halogen bulbs up to 30 watts. With the longevity of LEDs, high lumen output and reliable design, our LED T5 Appliance Bulbs are the obvious choice.